All About PLM Data Solutions

At PLM Data Solutions, our mission is to make sure that your PLM project is successful by providing the best people, information and tools available.

While this is a simple concept, it is by no means easy to achieve. Making sure that we use only the best consultants means being very selective in our people. Top quality people are scarce, but we won't use anyone but the best. The quality of our people reflects on us as a whole, and we are proud of our reputation.

Providing the best information is also hard. It takes years of experience in a wide range of roles and systems. We can't promise that we will always be right, but we will promise to always give the best guidance available.

With our decades of experience, our toolbox has grown to include a wide range of options so that we can select the right tools for each job. The best tools for migrating a few thousand records are not the same tools we would select for a multi-million record migration. Along the way, we have developed a lot of our own tools and procedures. By combining these with off-the-shelf tools like SQL and scripting languages, we can tailor a migration process to a wide range of requirements.